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The Troubled Teen Industry

Prisoners for Profit of the Troubled Teen Industry

The “Troubled Teen Industry” is a secretly connected industry, that consists of a network of similarly structured Behavior Modification Programs that all claim to cure the modern teenager of their adolescent behavior. They use deceptive marketing tactics to con desperate parents into thinking that for the price of an Ivy League education they can send their kids away and they will return obedient and grateful for the experience. This is rarely true, and there have been numerous studies concluding that aversive behavioral control is  rarely effective and can very well cause more harm than good. None of these facilities are regulated by the government and are commonly unlicensed and unaccredited by any state or federal organization. This lack of over site has proven to encourage violence by staff and the inhumane treatment that has been embedded in the very core of the behavior modification system since its conception.

Many former students have spoken out about their experience at one of the many schools associated with various umbrella corporations or separately owned facilities and no matter what state or country these schools are built in they have always shared a common ground of abuse and maltreatment. The staff are hired off the streets, completely unqualified to be working with teens. The “treatment” is not medically approved and employs many psychologically damaging processes including attack therapy, dehumanizing rules, fear, intimidation and physical abuse. Both parents and teens are subjected to brainwashing tactics that greatly parallel the tactics of a full fledged cult. Commonly, the out come is exactly that, in many cases the  parents develop a blind loyalty to the program in belief that if their child does not complete the program they will end up “dead, insane or in jail”. This misplaced trust has served time and again to excuse these facility owners of responsibility for the many crimes committed against these children. Almost as if the program were designed specifically to escape legal liability.

Today there is absolutely no excuse for parents to be swindled into these teen torture cults, the evidence of wrong doing has been made all too clear. In the last few years alone there have been many schools shut down and criminal charges brought against their owners. There are hundreds of websites out there warning parents of the dangers, there are dozens of advocacy organizations dedicating their lives to this cause and there are countless program survivors all living with the haunting experiences of a stolen youth.

Children laying in dog cages in High Impact, Mexico

What kind of a free country do we live in if we can’t put a stop to this? If there is anything I have learned it is that if we don’t fight for them no one else will, it is up to us, the survivors, the parents, the teachers and the friends to speak up, to take action and to do everything it takes to help anyone involved with a behavior modification program (or residential treatment program) to understand the reality of the “tough love” system and the risks of placing a child in an unregulated program.

Don’t be fooled, these programs have excellent marketing strategies, they have cornered the online market, they go by different names, and describe themselves as different kinds of programs, but the “Tough Love” system remains at its core shroud in abuse, deception and incompetence. Until the abusive practices of the Tough Love Programs have been legally abolished, and the government has stepped in to provide comprehensive regulation, Parents must be very wary of this industry as a whole. When the very people who have repeatably abused children in the past are free to open up their own programs under different names and deny affiliation with the companies they helped make notorious for abuse the question is how do you know who you can trust? How do you see through the deceptive marketing, see past the brand new buildings and get a glimpse of the torture going on behind the walls? How do you see through the facade of the children who say they are fine despite the fact that they are dying to tell you the truth, but know they will be severely punished if they do. The problem is that it is very difficult and all you can do is arm yourself with the knowledge of the past, ask the right questions and never allow yourself to fall for false promises that are near impossible for any institution to keep.

Children forced to lay in stress positions in Tranquility Bay

In the following blogs I will elaborate on the MANY MANY issues of the Troubled Teen Industry, including where these programs came from and their notorious techniques of abuse and mind control. For anyone looking to do their own research please feel free to follow any of these links, many of these sites have a wealth of information including articles, books, published research and survivor testimony. You can also get involved in the cause by supporting organizations that are working to influence our government concerning the issues of the Troubled Teen Industry. For anyone who has had an experience at a troubled teen program there are many outlets for survivors to find support and stay up to date with the progress of this cause. My heart goes out to anyone effected by the Troubled Teen Industry, I know how hard it can be to cope, and would be happy to offer support to anyone in need. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, or leave a comment to suggest subjects you may like to see me blog about next.

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